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6 Fun Ways to Safely Celebrate the New Year with Seniors During the Pandemic

safely celebrate the new year

The new year is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that things will be different in terms of keeping social distancing measures. As 2021 rolls along, we still have a pandemic to deal with. And if you’re one of those who have senior loved ones or adults with compromised immunity, this means taking extra precautions. You can still safely celebrate the New Year safely with your family—and still have a blast.

safely celebrate the new year

Here are some tips to help you safely celebrate the new year.

Safely Celebrate the New Year with Seniors

  1. Prepare a party theme. Think about a theme that you can follow for this new year celebration. Whether it’s the 80s, a movie inspiration, a color scheme, or anything at all, having a theme makes things more fun. Best of all, your part would look good in photos.
  2. Play party games. We know that we may not all be together at this time. However, thanks to technology, you can still enjoy activities together, even when you’re miles away. You can find many online games that you can play and of course, do video conferences.
  3. Celebrate new traditions. We understand that to safely celebrate the new year this time means making do with some of the things you were used to before. However, this can be an opportunity to start new traditions. Whether you can even make things more meaningful, memorable, or even solemn.
  4. Send out food. So you can’t be with family and friends. What you can do instead is to share love and good cheer by sending each other food and other treats. These days, there are many delivery services that you can take advantage of.
  5. Have a movie night. Get in the spirit of the new year by watching movies with New Year themes.
  6. Share New Year’s Resolutions. As always, the drive to keep a healthy lifestyle is always a good way to start the year. You may share more positive resolutions with your senior loved ones to also encourage them to be healthy and active.

What other tips can you share?

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