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Stroke Care: How the Right Facility Can Help in Your Recovery

stroke care recovery

Finding the right facility to provide reliable and adequate stroke care is essential. Get in touch with us at Blessed Home to know your options.

A stroke is an extremely challenging and oftentimes worrying medical situation to cope with and recover from. Aside from the physical and cognitive challenges, there are also emotional considerations in play. Often, stroke survivors report feelings of despair and frustration as they undergo the recovery process. Having a trusted facility to provide the right stroke care can contribute not just in your recovery but also in your well-being and peace of mind.

stroke care recovery

Blessed Home can help with stroke care or post-stroke recovery.

Having the right partner as your take on this journey is important. At Blessed Home, you can rest assured that you or your loved one is well taken care of. We can help provide:

  • meal preparation
  • dietary consultation and meal plans
  • mobility assistance
  • personal assistance (hygiene and dressing)
  • feeding
  • medication reminders
  • medication management
  • companionship
  • emotional support
  • engaging activities
  • rehabilitation services
  • physical therapy sessions

Here are more tips you should consider:

  1. Follow the doctor’s advice. Maintain regular visits with your physician and neurologist.
  2. Start adapting your home to your needs. While this can be costly and time consuming, this will be worth it. However, you have another option to engage with facilities such as Blessed Home.
  3. Understand your limitations. While recovering from stroke and coping with its effects would require many changes in our lifestyle and daily routine, it’s best to trust the process. Recovering from stroke can’t be rushed.
  4. Maintain your therapy schedule. We at Blessed Home can help connect you and make sure that you are attending your therapy sessions. Consistency here is important and we will be your partner for that.
  5. L:imit your fat, cholesterol, and sodium intake. While comfort foods can be tempting, they are usually the most unhealthy, so make sure to find healthier alternatives.


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