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10 Valentine’s Day Activities and Ideas for Seniors

Valentine's Day activities

Make the day extra special for your senior loved ones with these great Valentine’s Day activities!

As spouses and friends pass away and their circle grown smaller, Valentine’s Day for seniors may be lonely and isolating.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day activities for seniors, these tips are sure to warm their hearts—and yours too!

Valentine's Day activities

10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

  1. Food is always a way to the heart. Therefore, consider cooking a meal and sharing them with your senior loved ones. Better yet, you may ask them about a food that brings them back to their childhood or a pleasant memory, and try to recreate those. You may also try to share an old family recipe and prepare those together.
  2. Share memories. Bring out old photographs or memorabilia, even play an old video. This is a nice time to just sit down and reminisce the good old times. Allow them to talk about these memories and narrate their lives and their memories.
  3. Have a movie night in. Do they have a favorite old movie? Or a favorite actor? It can be fun to just sit back and enjoy a flick together. Prepare some healthy snacks for them and get cozy spending time together.
  4. Set up a virtual family call. Valentine’s Day should be about all the people you love. Arrange a time for their beloved friends and family members to get on a video call together to just catch up and share the day with.
  5. Listen to their favorite music. Are they an audiophile? Perhaps an afternoon of going over old records and their favorite music can also provide a great moment for bonding. Allow them to share their memories about certain songs and just let them light up with the tunes.
  6. Work on a puzzle together. Stay indoors safely and whip out puzzles to put together. If you don’t have puzzles, you may try some board games as well. The important thing here is you get to sit down doing some activity together that keeps them social, engaged, and also excited.
  7. Put together a scrapbook. Allow them to pore over their lives and memories and put them in something tangible as a scrapbook. This will help them become more creative and engaged while thinking about their family and friends. This also provides a great opportunity for you to bond with them.
  8. Get the younger ones engaged. There might be a great gap between seniors and their grand children. Take Valentine’s Day activities as a way for them to bridge that gap by being involved together. They might learn a thing or two from each other and make them grow closer.
  9. Do more creative things. Whether it’s putting together a homemade, DIY Valentine’s Day card, writing letters or poems, paint watercolors, or doing a flower arrangement, this activity can be engaging and fun for your senior parents or loved ones.
  10. Go out for a walk or a picnic. Find a safe place where your elderly loved ones can safely go out and enjoy the outdoors. Pack a healthy meal for a small picnic and enjoy the day safely outdoors.

No matter how you choose to spend the day, the important thing is to spend the day that best strengthens your bond and makes them feel loved.


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