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10 Ways to Slow Aging Naturally

elderly women slow down aging
Wrinkles, sagging skin, aching joints. These are not just signs of you getting old. These are signs of inflammation. These are also signs of suboptimal health due to poor diet, stress, and lack of activity.
To help you stay young longer, or at least slow aging naturally, here are some easy ways that you can do without breaking the bank.
elderly women slow down aging

Slow Aging with These Tips:

  1. Avoid sugar. Too much sugar can dehydrate your body of its natural supply of collagen and elastin, so your skin will lose elasticity. Try to cut back on the sweets and sugary and see how your skin can turn vibrant.
  2. Choose gluten-free options. Wheat and other forms of starches can spike your blood sugar levels, so any skin-tightening minerals may be harder to absorb. Opt for veggies or gluten-free alternatives instead.
  3. Keep hydrating! Chronic dehydration can cause your skin to become dry and look dull. Drinking more water can help restore skin elasticity and add to your skin a more youthful glow.
  4. Try to reduce stress. Our fast-paced lifestyle might make this hard, but what you can do is to spend a few minutes of your time to meditate, unwind, do breathing exercises, or go for a walk. It’s important to keep your cortisol levels down.
  5. Load up on antioxidants. We are exposed to numerous toxins due to our lifestyle and our environment. These can cause aging and inflammation, among many other things. To fight this, you have to load up on fruits and vegetables known to have antioxidants.
  6. Eat more protein. Protein helps in repairing and constructing aging and damaged tissue. This can help prevent sagging skin and premature aging. Find protein in seafood, chicken, eggs, and broccoli.
  7. Go weight lifting. Yes, lifting weights is great for toning and tightening the skin. With weight lifting or strength training, you can build lean muscle mass, which can help speed up your metabolism. This will allow you to burn more calories and keep you healthy and strong.
  8. Go natural. When it comes to beauty and health products, opt for naturals. There are many toxic chemicals already in our environment, so sticking with natural formula for your skin can help slow down aging. In fact, you may create your own homemade beauty products, which can be more natural and environmentally friendly too.
  9. Eat more of the good fat. Stock up on good fatty acids such as those found in fish, avocados, and olive oil. They can help nourish your skin internally and give you that healthy glow.
  10. Get adequate sleep. In fact, sleep more. Not getting enough sleep can cause hormonal imbalance and can increase cortisol levels, which are your stress hormones. When you don’t get enough sleep, you lose your skin’s glow. Furthermore, getting at least eight hours of sleep every night can make you feel refreshed and reenergized for the next day.

Another way to help slow aging comes in having peers for company or belonging in a community. Find that for yourself or your elderly loved ones right here in Blessed Home. Talk to us today!

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