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5 Tips for Promoting Mental Health Among Seniors

promoting mental health among seniors

Memory retention difficulties, cognitive decline, and loneliness and isolation are just among the many mental health issues the elderly population deal with. As caregivers or family members, it’s important to create avenues and opportunities for promoting mental health among seniors. 

promoting mental health among seniors

While many mental health issues and conditions arise along with age, depression and other illnesses may not necessarily be considered normal in aging. Therefore, it’s best to watch out for these mental health issues and address them before they turn for the worse.

Promoting Mental Health Among Seniors

The good news is, many mental health issues are treatable. Clinical intervention using proven, evidence-based methods, along with medications, are available.

Nevertheless, it’s important to consider how adult day care facilities such as Blessed Home can greatly help promote and active retirement lifestyle. More importantly, these can help provide engaging activities and socialization that are essential to promoting mental health among seniors.

Here are other ways you can improve mental health among seniors.

  1. Physical Activities. Exercise can help with the mind too. From talking daily walks to engaging in dance and other physical activity, the mind is boosted. Staying active keeps both the body and mind sharp, helping reduce incidence of falls. Furthermore, it also helps manage stress and anxiety, as well as depression.
  2. Brain Games. In the same way that muscles have to be exercises, the brain needs some activities, too. Puzzles, reading, writing, music, and many quizzes can greatly help sharpen thinking skills.
  3. Staying Connected. Keeping in touch with friends and family can greatly stave of the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Today, thanks to technology, this is easier even if loved ones are far away. Just a few regular calls or video conferences, even keeping them in the loop through social media, can greatly help improve their mood and their disposition.
  4. New Hobbies. Staying active and having purpose is important for the elderly. This is why encouraging them to take on a new hobby or learn something new can greatly help. This is especially true for those who have retired. This is the perfect time for them to pursue some lifelong goals or try something they haven’t done before.
  5. Keeping Pets. Animals can help keep seniors active, busy, and purposeful. Pets provide companionship. In fact, bonds between humans and pets are known to increase fitness, mental clarity and sharpness, as well as lower stress. These also provide them happiness.

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