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5 Ways Seniors can Increase Longevity

tips for longevity

What steps can you take to increase longevity? Scientists unlock 5 secrets to living a long life.

Throughout centuries, people have always been mystified by ideas of longevity. Finding that legendary fountain of youth has been a mission for many people through generations. We all want to unlock aging and find the secrets to living a long life, if not forever. 

tips for longevity

However, scientists are also baffled by how an amazing number of people, even in certain communities, are able to live to 100 or even older. Many studies have been born out of this, and they found these five healthy habits that can help increase longevity.

  1. Activity. Many who have been found to live well over 100 are found to have some sort of physical activity. Unlike the widespread lifestyle today where many people have a sedentary lifestyle, those who are in the best shape even in old age occupy themselves with activities. The include house chores, gardening, farming, building, walking for extended periods and everyday. They physically carry burdens or heavy objects on a regular basis. They engage in some for of physical activity that also allows them to remain alert.
  2. Diet. Many can attest that one of the secrets to increase longevity is diet. Many swear by a plant-based diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and not a lot of salt, sugar, and alcohol. Many also don’t typically smoke.
  3. Cognitive health. Daily activities can also keep the mind sharp. This allows elderly people to remain alert and mentally adept. Furthermore, their diet typically has Vitamin E, which is found to support brain health and are seen to help prevent the development of dementia symptoms in seniors.
  4. Weight management. These centenarians do not overeat or overindulge. Paired with physical activity, they are able to maintain a fixed and healthy weight.
  5. Social value. Being around family and feeling valued is also one of the hallmarks of living a long and fulfilled life. Those who are able to live beyond 100 are valued and respected in their community and their family.

For more tips and information on how your elderly loved one can live a longer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life, reach out to us at Blessed Home. We provide adult daycare, assisted living, and nursing home services.

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