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Adult Daycare: What is it?

blessed home adult daycare

What is an adult daycare? Is it the same as a nursing home or a home for the aged? Find out what an adult daycare is and if it’s the right fit for your loved ones.

So you have an aging loved one or one who is mentally and physically challenged due to disease or old age. You care for them. However, you have bills to pay and obligations to meet, so you have to work. This means you can’t be with your loved ones round the clock.

blessed home adult daycare

This is where an adult daycare facility such as Blessed Home can step in.

But first, let’s define what an adult daycare is.

What is an adult daycare?

An adult daycare is a program in a facility such as Blessed Home, in which caregivers can get a break from caring for their loved ones, especially when they need to work, run errands, or travel. Adult daycare facilities also provide that crucial task so that your elderly or challenged loved ones can interact with other people and participate in activities so they don’t feel isolated, lonely, and depressed.

An adult daycare facility is perfect for seniors or challenged individuals who can’t be safely left alone at home but can still socialize with others while receiving their needed assistance and supervision.

Such facilities also allow caregivers, usually the family members, to have peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and even thriving while in a facility because they are in good hands.

Who needs adult daycare services?

Unlike nursing homes, adult daycare services are meant for those who:

  • mobile enough to require part-time supervision
  • physically and mentally active and responsive, but may require assistance with routine tasks
  • those who want friendship and socialization to not feel lonely and isolated
  • have a few chronic or major health issues
  • want to be part of a community but still want to maintain their independence

Adult daycare at Blessed Home

At Blessed Home, we believe that your loved ones deserve the best of care, the kind that makes them feel right at home. We offer a variety of services that can make your loved ones feel safe, secure, engaged, and cared for. Our facility is a home, a place where they can form friendships and a chance to be part of a community, where they can socialize and therefore not feel so alone or isolated.

We have enriching programs that they can find fun, engaging, and exciting, such as puzzles, board games, singing and music time, painting, dancing, arts and crafts, and other activities.

They also get medical support and attention from our trained and dedicated caregiving staff and team of nurses.

We also provide meal planning, medication management, grooming assistance, and on-call physical and speech therapies.

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2 Responses to “Adult Daycare: What is it?”

  • Cecilia / / Reply

    I would like to know if you do provide services to those who lives in their own home.

    I greatly appreciate if you could recommend a personal support worker.


    • admin / / Reply

      Hi Cecilia, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we don’t provide live-in care. However, if you would come by and visit our facility, you are welcome to try it out. Our facility is warm and homely, with all the comforts and safety installations for the elderly and physically challenged.

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