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How to Convince Seniors to Get COVID-19 Vaccines

get covid-19 vaccine

So many countries all over the world are ramping up and accelerating efforts to get their population vaccinated. Everywhere, people are lining up to get their shots, looking forward to getting back to normal life, or some semblance of it. However, not everyone is on board to get COVID-19 Vaccines.

get covid-19 vaccine

Here in the Philippines, LGUs and the private sector are working together to get themselves and their family members vaccinated. However, as with any other country, there are still those who are hesitating to get COVID-19 vaccines. This hesitation and doubt many be due to many reasons.

Some believe it isn’t safe, or that the potential side effects are not worth it. Others believe the many myths about the vaccines and think that they will put themselves in danger if they get jabbed. There are also those who believe they won’t even get infected and so aren’t prioritizing getting the vaccine. Aside from these reasons, there are also those who believe the many conspiracies about the vaccine, as well as the virus itself.

The thing is, if one doesn’t get onboard, many people will get affected. Without sufficient numbers of people getting vaccinated, we will not get that so-called “herd immunity.” Therefore, the pandemic would still persist indefinitely. Worse, it would mutate to more strains, many of which could be exponentially more dangerous.

Convincing Seniors to Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Now, for the seniors in your family, not many may be open to getting jabbed. And if your family members are life this, what do you do?

While there are no sure-fire, fail-proof way to get them on-board, you may try these tips:

  1. First, listen and empathize. While your first reaction might be to chastise them, this won’t do. Instead, listen first and know where they’re coming from so that you can open up a more honest conversation and provide the right information. No matter how right you are, but if you don’t take time to listen and instead make many assumptions, you are still not getting your message effectively across. You can start with, “I understand your hesitations/fears… what do you know and what have you heard?” Making people feel like their concerns matter and are not being quickly dismissed will help them listen better as well.
  2. Supply with facts, but don’t preach. Make sure that you also do you homework. Find credible information and remember to stick to the facts. Read up on updates and FAQs from your local government and from the World Health Organization. Don’t be part of the problem in spreading rumors and instead double-check also what you know or what you’ve read. Just make sure not to overwhelm your elderly loved ones with too much information, and that you break them down into easily understandable bits.
  3. Consider a different messenger. If you feel that your senior loved ones are not listening to you, perhaps you can find someone who they will willingly lend an ear to. It could be another family member or a trusted friend. It can also be your family doctor or physician.
  4. Appeal to the common good. Appeal to the idea of shared vulnerability. Tie the idea to get COVID-19 vaccines with people’s sense of unity and common purpose; as well as community. Emphasize how everyone can benefit from getting mass vaccinations.
  5. Set boundaries. If nothing works, you have to refuse to be in the company of unvaccinated people. This is to protect them and yourself too. As unvaccinated people face more restrictions, you may find more of them being left out of activities.

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